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We are Lucy & Charlotte: a senior creative team, living and working in London.


Lucy Eldridge & Charlotte Khushi

We’re culture vultures, client pushers, passionate team leaders, and we create insightful, innovative and engaging work for global brands. 

Throughout our time, we’ve flogged booze, fast food, oil, flights, computers, chocolate, toothpaste, newspapers, pet food and more, to weird, wonderful, and diverse audiences. 

Our first boss always told us “If you’re not having fun, you’re not doing it right.” And, thanks to her, we have continued to bring that energy into every project. 

In our spare time we host events, deliver talks and workshops for the Young Creative Council (not to mention bookcrit upon bookcrit) to bridge the gap between education and the creative industries, and lead the way for the next generation. We’re passionate about making the ad industry better for everyone, that’s why we take part in initiatives inside and outside of work that shine the light on diversity and inclusion.

And if you want to see more, here are a few industry appearances:

Pitch Fanzine 100 Superwomen 2019
Campaign & Creative Equals ‘Ones to Watch’ 2019
1 of 5 selected for Rare Access 2019
WPP Stella Ignite Speaker 2018
The Dots Industry Trailblazer 2018




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